About Our Company

George J Pacenka III - Cabinetmaker

With over 15 years in the cabinetmaking industry and most of those working for myself, I've learned that listening to you is the most important aspect of success. You already have ideas of how you'd like things to look and function and you also know what does not work. My job is to take those ideas and create a cohesive - aesthetically and functionally pleasing - kitchen or bathroom, entertainment center or furniture piece.

I have a lovely wife, two beautiful daughters and an adorable dog. They are my family and every decision I make at home is centered on how it will affect all of them. I maintain that approach when working with my clients. You are asking me to design and build something to fit the needs and wants of your household. I want to make sure that you have something safe, durable and accommodating, but most of all enjoyable to look at and use.

Many designers are focused on what they think your project should look like. You’re told that you should like this cabinet style, that door design, and that other moulding profile.

I believe that, at the end of the day, you are the one that has to live with your kitchen, bathroom, or custom furniture and you should love it!


Typcially, all consultations take place in your home. Doesn't it make sense that we occupy the space that we are discussing? Your home is also the place that you're most comfortable. Getting to know the way you live is so very important. Are you a cake baker, master chef, or microwave master in your kitchen? What do we need to store in your entertainment center: vinyl, CD or digital storage? It's important to understand how you use your space.

Building a relationship is an important aspect of this process as well. We are going to spend a lot of time together and it's important that you feel comfortable and confident. 

You'll never get a hard sell though. This process takes time and there's never a need to rush. Also, it's important to realize that any project comes with expense and it's critical to look into the real, true, and complete expense before making any decision.



​Being a small company has its benefits. As the design phase comes to a close, the draftsman becomes the craftsman. Many of the small, but critical aspects of your project are thought out while designing so there aren't any questions when it comes time to and never is it said, "Wait, whose idea was this! We can't do that!"

The home of Generations Woodworking is a 1,500 square foot workshop complete with all the equipment needed to bring your project from first cut to last pass with the finishing gun.

As fabrication moves along, clients are welcome and encouraged to stop in to check on progress. If there's a special part of the project that needs extra consideration or truly requires the client's eye for final approval, a shop visit will be arranged to get the job done just right.


The design process is worked in phases. After the initial consultation, a plan view (drawn as though looking down from above) ​ will be drawn. Depending on the scope of the project, an elevation (drawn as though standing and looking straight ahead) may be included. 

Often times, this initial set of drawings is more a jumping off point for discussion and does not end up as the final design. 

With initial review from the client, any revisions, major or minor, the drawings will be developed until the design is not only functional, but esthetically pleasing. 

Included in the design process is development of the finish and appearance. This could include styling and paint color / wood species.



This is when it all comes together! Depending on the timing and scope of the project, either a small crew from the workshop, a general contractor provided by the client or a subcontractor provided by Generations Woodworking will accomplish the task. Respect of your space is important. We work to keep your home livable and safe for you while we're there. All parties involved work together to coordinate schedules  for accessibility and collaboration.

Why don't we install all our own work? Well, there are a couple good reasons. For one, the hourly rate is almost always more than that of a general contractor, so it's a financial savings for you. Also, the majority of our training and experience has been in the workshop, so our time is better spent and more efficient in the shop. Not all craftsmen have the exact same skill set - a cabinetmaker isn't a general contractor and a general contractor isn't a cabinetmaker. Make sure you know what you're getting when you sit down for a consultation.