Millwork & Special Projects


“I want to tell you directly how marvelous I think the vanity is. Perfect in fact. I love the wood, the graceful curve, the taper of the leg, the smooth drawer, the perfect cutouts, the useful crosspieces; everything about its form and function works toward a totality that is astonishing. Thank you.”
     - Abigail, Beverly Farms, MA

Helping make your house a home

Kitchens, bathrooms, entertainment centers, bar areas and built-ins are just some of the cabinetry projects that we have designed and produced over the years.

If you can't find something off the shelf that will do the job, sometimes it's best to have something custom made. Jewelry boxes, stools, tables & benches

We can talk about how wonderful we are until we're blue in the face. Better than that, listen to what some of our clients are saying.